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36th Annual Bower's Mansion Bluegrass Festival

Friday ~ Sunday, August 19 - 21, 2022

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“Classic West Coast bluegrass, filled to the brim with driving rhythm, timeless bluegrass instrumental stylings, and a sense of freedom and exploration; Kallick’s deeply soulful voice and magnificent delivery shows she’s one of the greatest bluegrass vocalists of her generation or any other.”
David J. McCarty, Bluegrass Unlimited

The Kathy Kallick Band


Cryin' Uncle

Crying+Uncle  pro.jpg

Widely recognized as one of the most exciting young bands in acoustic music, Cryin' Uncle plays a unique mix of Bluegrass, Dawg, Jazz and original modern acoustic music.

The Central Valley Boys


Five veteran bluegrass musicians, all with a love of traditional Bluegrass.  No frills or fancy stuff, just down home Bluegrass music, old style.  These boys do it right!  

Sage Creek

Sage Creek 1.png

One of Northern Nevada's best known vocal and acoustic bands.  The group's blend of bluegrass, folk, country and light rock always features outstanding individual vocals and superb harmonies.   Not to be missed!

 ~ Celeste & Jerry

The Note-Ables
Returning for their 10th year!
note-ables 3.jpeg

Front Porch

Front Porch 1.jpg

Y'all are FUN!

 ~ Reggie

The Monday Night Volunteers
For over 30 years, bringing Bluegrass Music to Assisted Living Facilities, Schools and Community Events


Little City String Band
Friday 7pm only

Little City.jpg

Sunday Go To Meetin'
Sunday 11 am only

Sunday Go To Meetin 1.jpg
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