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We've Been Around Awhile!

In 2005, we started with a BANG -- hosting Tony Rice in a concert and a Bluegrass Guitar Workshop.  How privileged we were to have this amazing man share himself and his wisdom with us!  

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Then, for the next 10 years (2005 ~ 2015), we produced summer festivals in Virginia City, NV.  For the first few years, it was called "Bluegrass on the Comstock".  Then, "Americana Music Festival".  Roots music artists played all over town, with free shows in the town park, saloons and churches.  Headliners played in the beautiful Piper's Opera House.     

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Tim O'Brien headlined our 2009 festival, a one man show featuring him playing 3 different banjos, 2 sizes of mandolins, guitar and fiddle!  He had just won a Grammy for his solo album, "Fiddler's Green".  What a night to remember it was!    

Then, in 2011, Darrell Scott headlined our Americana Music Festival with an appearance of his "Brother Band" (Darrell and his three brothers), as well as a Songwriting Workshop.  

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We've hosted a lot of great artists over the years!  See pictures and videos of many of them on the Gallery page.  
IIIIrd Tyme Out

Bill Evans

Blarney Band

Buster Blue

Central Valley Boys

Chris Proctor

Darrell Scott

David Grier

Del Williams Band


Faux Renwah

Gritchy McGralley

Growling Old Men

James King Band

Jenny Lynn and her Real Gone Daddies

Jessica Kilroy

Jim Nunnally and Keith Little

John Lowell

John Reischman and the Jaybirds

Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising

Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands

Mariachi Cazadores De Nevada

Nell Robinson

The Novelists

Quartet with Tony Rice and Peter Rowan

Rock Ridge

Rose’s Pawn Shop

The Saddle Cats

Sawmill Road

Scottish Fiddle Champion, Jaimie Laval

Special Consensus

Steve Kaufman

Steve Spurgin

String Fever

Tim O’Brien

Tyler Grant

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